Top 5 Wine Apps

Patrick Devaney


If you like wine but don’t know your Merlot from your Malbec then these apps will help you out. Whether you want to become an expert or simply know a little more about what is getting you sozzled these 5 apps will have you covered.


Hello Vino: Wine Assistant Download Free ►
Hello Vino wants to be the wine assistant for “normal” people, so anybody who isn’t a wine snob. That’s why its key feature is its recommendations. Tell Hello Vino what you’re going to eat, or what you typically like to eat, and it will recommend several wines for the occasion. You can buy wine directly from the app. Premium users can call and consult a wine expert.
Vivino Wine Scanner Download Free ►
Want to know more about the wine you’re thinking of buying? Vivino to the rescue. It’s the most comprehensive wine scanner on the market. It offers ratings, notes about possible tastings and reviews of the wine under consideration. Also, if the wine label you’ve scanned isn’t found in Vivino’s database, its team of experts will identify it by hand as quickly as possible.
Wine Searcher Download Free ►
As its name suggests, this app is focused primarily on finding wines. Its key feature is its comparison function, so you not only find the best wine but also the best store or distributor where you can get it at the best price. It includes a wine store search and notes for tasting other alcohols, such as whiskey, bourbon and rum.
CellarTracker Download Free ►
CellarTracker is specifically designed for wine collectors. This app will help you organize your collection. You can enter bottles automatically thanks to its barcode scanner. Its database includes over 2 million wines and 6 million notes written by the community and experts in the field. It’s ideal for finding out more about gems in your cellar!
Delectable Wine Download Free ►
If you’re more adventurous, you’ll love Delectable Wine. Its key feature is its discovery tool, which lets you follow newsfeeds from professional sommeliers, winegrowers and other experts in the field. Also, you can explore lists compiled with the best of each harvest.

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